Made from the tiniest particles of marine collagen. Adds elasticity to the skin. The skin will feel softer and appear firmer.

Benefits are:

  • Promotes collagen
  • Improves firmness
  • Tighter lifted appearance
  • Improves elasticity
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Improvement in skin texture within 4 weeks

How to use:

If you’re using one serum, dispense by pushing 1 full pump. However, if you’re using 3 different serums, dispense it by pushing 1 half pump of each serum onto your palm.Gently massage into skin.


Marine collagen from fresh sea bream’s scale contains more amino acid and it’s molecule is smaller than the pig’s and cow’s collagen, is it has more penetration power. It also contains marine elastisin. This combination helps to
regain soft skin.