With a career in cosmetic skincare spanning over 30 years, I felt now was the right time to invest in my own skin brand. The inspiration for Secondage came from working with countless skincare products and treating clients in my treatment room. I know what works and what doesn’t work and which ingredients can achieve the best results for certain skin concern. I wanted to make products which were safe and would achieve positive results, so this was the starting point for researching and formulating my own brand.

Secondage is a time frame between late 20’s to early 60’s. The development of my skin care range came from my cosmetic background. I have been treating clients of all ages for more than three decades, for many different and difficult skin concerns. s much as I have enjoyed making them.

Clients from around the world come to me for treatments and many have a variety of pigment issues. Initially I wanted to create a range to integrate with the cosmetic and laser skin treatments I offer in my clinic. However in recent times I have been approached on a regular basis by both women and men,  stating that their skin has become dry and dull, especially during menopause and peri-menopausal and hormonal stage, as well as requiring instant results for skin tightening and lifting. With all these concerns in mind I created a range to integrate into my clinical treatments as well as ageing skin for home use. Everyone of course wants instant results!

Surprisingly men too have concerns and have hormone related skin concerns and over the years I have helped men manage hormonal issues. My skincare range is designed to help women and men of all ages, skin types and skin concerns, especially hormonal skin. My beautiful silky smooth luxury serums are perfect for hormonal skin. Serums are a great way to delay the signs of ageing. Secondage Serums can be used individually or blended with other serums. Keeping skin hydrated is key to looking younger for longer!

Our skin changes throughout our lives, but the changes that happen as we head into our thirties, forties, and then towards the menopause and beyond, are when good care can have the greatest effect. Skin starts to lose collagen and elasticity in our late 20’s and more so during the decades that follow. As an ageing woman myself I kept in mind what today’s women and men want to achieve.

In the new modern age we are constantly under pressure to look our best! I have made it easier for my clients to navigate through my website to select products for their skin concerns. A direct contact is available for online consultation and a free consultation with myself or a member of my staff. We offer free consultation to try our products before you buy them and to discuss any skin concerns you may have.

The most frequently discussed skin concern in my treatment room is – Instant Glow, Beat the Acne, Pigmentation, Instant Lift and hydration for longer lasting healthier skin. The water based serums with maximum hydration which can be blended into Secondage skincare products. I meticulously researched ingredients that achieved dramatic and powerful results when applied to the skin. The main aim was to provide my clients with a fast and reliable option to improve skin tone, and soften the effects of ageing.

My luxury range of products uses Caviar with 24ct Gold essense and hyaurolic acid – a strong skin supplement which helps to reduce fine lines and increase moisture. The mixture of Vitamin A, B, D, E is everything you need to give that instant beautiful glow. The inspiration behind this range was my wonderful clients and myself and what I would want to infuse in my skin as a mature woman!

Secondage Skincare is made in England, France and Japan – totally vegan, free of animal cruelty, uses zero glycerin and clinically proven. All my products have been created with care, love and with your skin health in mind. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have enjoyed making them.


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